NZSG Awards at ASM 2023

Posted Wednesday December 13, 2023

The Executive awarded the following awards at the ASM dinner on 7 December 2023. 

Young Investigator - Luminal was awarded to Dr Akhilesh Swaminathan for The Disease Severity Index & Feacal Biomarkers are Valid & Useful tools in Predicting Complicated Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Young Investigator - Hepatology was awarded to Dr Akhilesh Swaminathan for Non-invasive predictors of hepatic steatosis & determinants of quality-of-life in metabolic dysfunction associated steatic liver disease (MASLD).

Image by: NZ Gastro Office

NZSG Sustainability Award was awarded to Dr Rhys John for Adopting Baveno VII reduces endoscopy burden, saves the planet.

Image by: NZ Gastro Office

Insight Medical Registrar Award in Endoscopy sponsored by Insight Medical was presented by Director, Logan Batts, to Dr Michael Chieng for Outcomes of self-expanding metal stents placed for malignant gastric outlet obstruction. 

Image by: NZ Gastro Office

The NZSG-Janssen Reasearch Fellowship made possible by the generous sponsorship of Janssen Pharmaceutical was presented by Medical Advisor, Anne Dekkers. The recipient of this prestigious fellowship for 2023 was Dr Chris Varghese for Digital biomarker enhanced patient selection for gastric per oral endoscopic myotomy – advancing a promising treatment for delayed gastric emptying with a novel gastric mapping device. 

Image by: NZ Gastro Office



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