Networks were created by the Executive in 2022 to support the interest of our members across the motu. A Network can be suggested by any Society member who has an area of gastroenterology they are passionate in and wish to advance mahi that fits into one of the key objectives of the Society's Strategic Plan.

Once a network is agreed a call for members will take place. Networks are open to all members of the Society, and by invitation, gastroenterology whānau from outside the Society can share in the network mahi and call to action.

Networks are governed by the NZSG Executive.

Currently the Society has networks in:  

The Neuro-Gastroenterology is made of members of the Society who work together to promote work in the gastroenterology community that focuses on the relationship between the nervous and digestive systems.

Will work on improving the diet and lifestyle for the patients our members and other health professionals care for. 

If you are considering a network for members of the Society to join and focus their shared interests on, share your idea with the NZSG Executive by e-mailing