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NZCCRTGE maintains a register of endoscopists who have been granted recognition of training in endoscopy via the approved pathways. The online register is voluntary/opt-in for those endoscopists who wish to have their information searchable, and so may not include all NZCCRTGE recognised endoscopists within New Zealand.

NZCCRTGE recognition of training is non-mandatory nor an essential requirement for endoscopy practice within New Zealand. All endoscopists are required to undergo local credentialing processes via their home institution e.g., hospital/endoscopy unit and to hold the correct vocational scope of practice with MCNZ (or be working in a collegial relationship with someone who does). 

As NZCCRTGE recognition of training is granted at a point in time based on the information supplied by the applicant and assessed via peer review, neither NZCCRTGE recognition or inclusion on the register can guarantee current or future competence. Ongoing practitioner competence is determined by local credentialing processes and maintenance of vocational scope registration. NZCCRTGE is not responsible for the practice of individual Endoscopists. Individual endoscopists are encouraged to undertake continuing medical education in endoscopy to ensure that their skill and knowledge is maintained.

For information on how to gain recognition please see our webpage - Apply for Recognition

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