Honorary Members

NZSG extends honorary membership to members who have retried from practice after ten or more years of service and have made significant and long-standing contributions to gastroenterology in:

  • Service provision and patient care
  • Research
  • Leadership
  • Teaching and training 

Honorary Membership is done via a nomination from a peer who is a current financial member of the member of the Society with endorsement of one additional member. Honorary Membership is announced at the NZSG Annual General Meeting. 

Honorary members include:

  • Alison Wesley
  • David Edge 
  • Gil Barbezat 
  • Gordon Nicholson 
  • Graeme Kerr 
  • Ian Wallace 
  • Kevin Luey 
  • Martin Schlup  
  • Nigel Stace 
  • Ralf Lubcke 
  • Richard Stein
  • Simon Chin 
  • Steve Vallance 
  • Tony Smith
  • Vinton Chadwick