New tools to assist with training in endoscopy

Posted Tuesday July 12, 2022

The Conjoint Committees for Recognition of Training Gastrointestinal Endoscopy for Australia and the Conjoint Committees for Recognition of Training Gastrointestinal Endoscopy for New Zealand are delighted to present two new tools to assist with training in endoscopy. These are the Direct Observation of Procedural Skills (DOPS) for ERCP and the Direct Observation of Polypectomy Skills (DOPyS) forms.

These new forms are to complement the ANZ Conjoint DOPS for Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy which are already in use.

The content has been agreed collaboratively by speciality societies and colleges with an interest in training of endoscopy. These are available on the NZSG website for members and trainees to use. Future releases of DOPS forms will be available from .

It is anticipated these are incorporated into assessments for CCRTGE and NZCCRTGE in the future.

Both organisations are proud of this joint initiative in maintaining consistency and quality in endoscopy training, and thank all the individuals, societies and colleges who contributed.

Kind Regards

Dr Sulman Ahmed, MBBS MS FRACS Chair, CCRTGE Australia

Dr Marianne Lill MBChB FRACS Chair, CCRTGE New Zealand



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