Changes to the NSZG Rules Adopted

Posted Tuesday December 12, 2023

In 2023 our President, Professor Catherine Stedman, led a group of past Rangatira to assist in changes to the NZSG Rules. This review was to:

  • To remove redundant clauses (e.g cheque banking)​
  • Amend membership categories, to clarify full and associate membership categories, retired and honorary membership categories.​
  • Create the role of Educational Lead as an NZSG office bearer​
  • Allow an additional executive member to be co-opted if required ​
  • Recognise the role of the Executive Officer and allow delegation of tasks to the EO​
  • Modify the document to be gender neutral​
  • Ensure the document meets best and practical process.

A copy of the Rules are attached and will be available on the NZSG website under the Practitioner Resource Page as a Society Document.

Professor Stedman noted further changes will be considered once guidance from the Charities Commission is published, as part of an ongoing process towards mandatory re-registration as an incorporated society by 2026.