Networks and Special Interest Working Groups

Posted Wednesday October 5, 2022

The Executive would like to introduce Networks which can evolve into Special Interest Working Groups to assist in the mahi of the Society. 

Networks can be suggested by any Society member who has an area of gastroenterology they are passionate in and wish to advance mahi that fits into one of the key objectives of the Society's Strategic Plan

  • Achieving excellence in training and education
  • Advocacy
  • Supporting the advancement of gastroenterology and innovation in the field
  • Keeping members informed, supported, and involved in the Society
  • Championing equity and valuing inclusion in the profession and treatment access
  • Building partnerships with key stakeholders that align with NZSG
  • Financial security, transparency & accountability.

Networks are supported by the Executive through the creation of a TEAM in MS TEAMS with an email group that allows the group to share and file documents, hold hui and korero. Networks can also have a What's App Group created. To create a Network please reach out to

Once a network forms and has a significant piece or pieces of work it wishes to progress it can apply to become a Special Interest Working Group (SIG) to receive additional support from the Executive by submitting a completed form and a ToR using the template attached below. 

SIGs will:

  • seek member support, contributions and feedback
  • provide a short report for the annual report for the NZSG Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM)
  • provide the Executive with progress reports i.e. copy of minutes and actions within one month of each hui.

The Executive hopes you will take up this opportunity to promote an area of the profession you are passionate about. Currently we have several working groups supporting the profession: 

  • Equity Working Group 
  • Medication Equity Working Group 
  • Sustainability Working Group
  • Hepatology.



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