Gastroscopy Supervisor Report

Information for Supervisors

Satisfactory training in endoscopy is recognised and recorded by the New Zealand Conjoint Committee for Recognition of Training in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (NZCCRTGE). The NZCCRTGE relies on supervisors to confirm that the applicant has achieved a satisfactory level of competence to undertake independent practice without ongoing direct supervision.

The NZCCRTGE recognises training in gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) through documentation of a log of procedures undertaken, DOPS assessments and satisfactory supervisors’ reports. Currently recognition of training is available through the Advanced Training pathway for training registrars, and the Experienced and International Practitioner Pathways for practicing endoscopists.

The NZCCRTGE principles for training emphasise cognitive and interpretive skills as well as technical ability, combined with a clear understanding of the role of endoscopy in patient management. This includes training in interpretation of radiology and pathology findings as well as technical aspects of endoscopy, including sedation, cleaning and disinfection, and fluoroscopy. An understanding of the subsequent medical or operative management of pathology identified is also expected and is usually gained within an advanced training programme. The overall purpose is to demonstrate the skills to provide excellent patient care.

The applicant is responsible for the detailed accuracy of their logbook. However, we expect that supervisors will have reviewed the applicant’s log and only provide a report if they are satisfied that it is an accurate representation of the training or practice undertaken. Supervisors providing a report must be sufficiently familiar with the applicant’s practice to be able to give a valid assessment of competence. For advanced trainees the supervisor should have directly observed a proportion of the procedures undertaken and the report be provided near the completion of training.

The NZCCRTGE are grateful for the time and effort given by supervisors in providing endoscopy training, and assisting with assessments.

Gastroscopy Supervisors Report

Supervisor is required
Supervisor email is required
Applicant Name is required
Institution / Department where training (or clinical practice) was undertaken is required

Period of supervision:

From is required
To is required

Type and pathway applicant is seeking recognition for

Adult/Paediatric is required
Pathway the applicant is seeking recognition of training through is required

Number of procedures done by this applicant that you have personally supervised

Diagnostic endoscopy is required
Therapeutic gastroscopy is required

Statement by training supervisor on the applicant's experience and competence

Statement is required

We ask that you endorse the applicants’ competence in the following scales:

Please rate on the following scale.

  1. Falls far short of expected standards

  2. Falls short of expected standards

  3. Consistent with level of training

  4. Better than expected standards

  5. Exceptional performance

Note: That a score of 1 or 2 is considered unsatisfactory for training competence.

Does the applicant have the required competence to:

Recommend endoscopic procedures based on the findings of a personal consultation and in consideration of specific indications, contraindications and diagnostic/therapeutic alternatives? is required
Perform a specific procedure safely, completely, and expeditiously? is required
Interpret endoscopic findings correctly? is required
Integrate endoscopic findings or therapy into the patient management plan? is required
Perform therapeutic procedures safely, completely and expeditiously? is required
Understand the risk factors attendant to endoscopic procedures and to be able to recognise and manage complications? is required
Recognise personal and procedural limits and to know when to request help? is required

Supervisors Attestation

Based on your observations, are you satisfied that the applicant can safely provide sedation for endoscopy? is required
Based on your observations, are you satisfied that the applicant has provided an accurate logbook of their training or practice experience? is required
Based on your observations, are you happy to attest to the applicants overall competence in Gastroscopy? is required