Working Groups

When a network forms and has a significant piece or pieces of work it wishes to progress they may wish to transition to a Working Group. Working groups differ from Networks as they become advisory arms of the Executive, will have a Terms of Reference and may be delegated pieces of work within their focus from the Executive. Current Working Groups include:

The Group provides advice to the Executive , with the aim of providing a transparent focus on equity for the Society in its decision making.

Members include:

  • Dr Alex Lampen Smith (Chair) – Tauranga
  • Dr Helen Evans - Auckland
  • Dr James Irwin – Palmerston North
  • Dr Kirsty MacFarlane – Australia - Nga Puhi
  • Dr Melissa Haines – Waikato
  • Dr Rachael Harry – Auckland
  • Dr Thomas Boswell – Taranaki
  • Dr Zoe Raos – Auckland - Te Ātiawa
  • Hama McNeill – Community Member

The Equity Working Group have assisted in the creation of two major pieces of work to date for the Society:

  1. The New Zealand Society of Gastroenterology Equity Statement
  2. An equity focus on selection of candidates to gastroenterology training in New Zealand: A statement of the New Zealand Society of Gastroenterology.


The Group focuses on improving care for liver disease, advancing clinical care and promoting collaborative research for hepatology on regional and national projects in New Zealand, strengthen the community of clinicians and allied health professionals in the care of liver diseases.  

Members include:  

  • Dr Amanda Chen (Co-Chair) – Wellington 
  • Dr Jerry Yung-Lun Chin (Co Chair)– Wellington 
  • Dr Dominic Ray Chaudhuri – Auckland 
  • Dr Estella Johns – Wellington 
  • Dr Frank Weilert – Hamilton 
  • Dr Louise Barbier – Auckland 
  • Dr Lucy Mills – Auckland 
  • Dr Rachael Harry – Auckland 
  • Dr Wayne Bai – Hamilton 


The Groups role is to provide strategic direction and leadership to ensure that access to IBD medication in New Zealand is improved to reflect best clinical practice as far as is possible within acknowledged financial constraints.  The primary mechanism for achieving this is via relationship building and ongoing collaboration with Pharmac, primarily the Therapeutic Group Manager(s).  

Members include:  

  • Dr James Fulforth (Chair) – Waikato 
  • Dr Jonathan Bishop – Auckland 
  • Prof Murray Barclay – Christchurch 
  • Dr Caroline Jiang – Wellington
  • Dr Thomas Mule - Auckland 
  • Dr Rajan Patel - Christchurch
  • Heidi Su - Christchurch

The IBD Working Group has created guidelines for IBD practitioners: 

The Groups role is to provide strategic direction and leadership to NZSG membership, as well as collaborate and interact with associated interest groups in implementing environmentally sustainable practices with gastroenterology and endoscopy in New Zealand.

Members include:  

  • Dr Rhys John (Co-Chair) – Taranaki 
  • Dr Ricardo Jurawan (Co-Chair) – Taranaki 
  • Graeme Dickson - Auckland 
  • Ms Andrea Dixon (Nurse) – Auckland 
  • Ms Holly Weale (Nurse) – Christchurch 
  • Dr Malcolm Arnold – Christchurch
  • Ms Merrilee Williams (Nurse) - Dunedin
  • Dr Zoe Raos – Auckland 

In 2022 the Group canvassed Society members with a Sustainability Survey and are working on initiatives noted by participants.  

If you are a member of the Society and would like to join one of the working groups please send and email to with your name, contact details and your reasons for wanting to join.