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Welcome to NZSG


The NZSG is conducting a workforce survey to determine the endoscopy capacity and distribution of medical and surgical endoscopists in New Zealand (both in private and public).

There are two main reasons for conducting this research:

  • To provide accurate data to facilitate dialogue with Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) on long term SMO provision, specifically with regards to Bowel Cancer screening.


  • To determine ratio of endoscopy, surgery and gastroenterology services per head of population in New Zealand and its regional variation. This benchmarking information will enable better planning of services across the country.


Results will be totally anonymised before sharing with HWNZ. Your initials will help us ensure we have results from as many endoscopists as possible.

At this stage we would also like to request you to let us know if you are aware of other endoscopists in your area, that we might not be aware of.

Can you please complete the survey ASAP as this information is crucial for the BCS programme.  We would like to have all the results collated by the end of February if not sooner.

Please send your completed forms to

To complete the survey please click here