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NZSG Research Grants


The NZSG is keen to encourage clinical research by gastroenterology and surgical trainees during their period of clinical training.  Supervisors may have the ideas and time but need small grants for tests, equipment or part-time staff.  Several grants will be awarded each year with selection by a subgroup of the NZSG exec with co-option as required.


The amounts awarded would generally be up to $5k.


Applicants may be trainees or consultants but must be a member of the NZSG (both trainee and supervisor if a joint submission).


Preference will be given to clinical research with registrar involvement that can be completed within 6-12 months.

It is expected that results from this research will be presented at the ASM of the NZSG and a one page report should also be forwarded to the Secretary of the NZSG within 12 months of receipt of the grant.

NZSG must be acknowledged in any research published as a result of the grant.

The research must be conducted in New Zealand.  Preference will be given to clinical questions that are considered to be highly relevant to the NZ population.

Preference will be given to centres or clinicians that do not usually have access to other research funds.

There is no restriction on reapplication by the same registrar or supervisor/consultant in subsequent years.

The grant will be only be forwarded into a research account and not directly to an individual.

Closing dates

There are two closing dates per year - 31st January and 31th July.

Assessment procedure

The applications will be considered by a committee nominated by the NZSG Executive.  This will comprise of Executive members and scientific advisors as deemed appropriate.

The number of successful applications each year will depend on available funds and the strength of the applications.


To apply, please fill out the application form (PDF & MS Word) and send it to

Anna Pears
Executive Officer
PO Box 10601
Wellington 6143  OR

by email to

Successful Applicants

Click here for information on previous recipients.