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International Scholars Program in Advanced Endoscopy


California Pacific Medical Center

The International Scholars Program in Advanced Endoscopy was created at California Pacific Medical Center in 2002 to provide overseas physicians specialized in the field of gastroenterology an opportunity to obtain postgraduate training in specialized endoscopic procedures. The postgraduate scholar spends up to one year under the direct mentorship of Kenneth F. Binmoeller, M.D., Medical Director of Interventional Endoscopy. Dr. Binmoeller has been involved in the training of postgraduate trainees since 1991 at previous analogous programs at the University of California in San Diego and the University of Hamburg in Germany. The international scholar selected for training is expected to apply the procedural expertise acquired at California Pacific to enhance the quality of healthcare in the home country. The scholar is also expected to train other physicians in the home country to disseminate expertise in gastrointestinal endoscopy.

The Postgraduate Trainee

The postgraduate trainee learns a spectrum of advanced endoscopic procedures, including their indications, applications and risks. These include endoscopic ultrasonography, therapeutic ERCP, endoscopic mucosal resection, cyanoacrylate glue injection, anti-reflux procedures, motility procedures, and capsule endoscopy. The recommended training period is one year. The trainee spends three to six "theoretical" months observing and interpreting procedures and studying a large library of various print and multimedia materials. The trainee also participates in one or two clinical research projects, assisting in data collection and analysis. Having mastered the prerequisite theoretical foundation, the trainee progresses to a "practical" hands-on apprenticeship under direct supervision. Procedures for hands-on training are carefully selected based on level of difficulty and trainee skill. The trainee is directly supervised and mentored on a one-on-one basis at all times. Training is contingent upon approval by the Medical Board of California.

Eligibility Requirements:

The candidate for the International Scholars Program is required to meet the following eligibility requirements:
1. Medical School diploma
2. License to practice medicine (in the home country)
3. Diploma for medical or surgical subspecialty training in gastroenterology
4. Diploma or letter of competency in gastrointestinal endoscopy
5. Fluency in English
6. CV/résumé
7. Letter from Ministry of Health stating your in good standings
8. Self-funding (no funding available for this program)

For more information on the International Scholars Program please contact Margaret Allen, Coordinator, International Scholar's Program at

To apply for this program download, complete, fax the application form along with your CV/Résumé to 415-600-1416.

International Scholar's application form

International Scholars at California Pacific Medical Center

Nam Nguyen, M.D.

Dr. Nam Nguyen, M.D., our 2008 international visiting scholar, graduated from Adelaide University Medical School in South Australia with first class honors and University medal in 1998. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology Fellowship in 2004 at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, where he held the position of Chief Medical Resident during his senior year of fellowship. He spent the next three years to complete his Doctorate of Philosophy, evaluating the inter-relationship between disturbed gastrointestinal function and enteral nutrition in the critically ill patients. During the last two years, he was the NSW’s (New South Wales) Cancer Institute Fellow conducting funded research related to the bio-tumor makers of pancreatic cancer and the role of confocal endomicroscopy in gastroenterology. As an IES visiting scholar, he has improved his knowledge and skills in various endoscopic procedures: diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic ultrasound, push and capsule enteroscopy, and therapeutic ERCP. He has published over 40 articles and book chapters on various gastrointestinal topics. The most joyful event has happened during his training at IES is the birth of his first son, Khiem Nguyen.